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Hotel Property Damage Claim Adjuster

Licensed and Bonded Los Angeles Property Damage Claims Adjuster

Los Angeles Hotel Damage Claims Adjuster

Adjuster Pro Inc. is a licensed and bonded public adjuster company. We have a fast response time and experienced adjusters available to serve you.  We service Orange County, Ventura County and Los Angeles. When hiring a public adjuster for hotel and motel claims you have to consider the claim preparation and also the business interruption claim, which is separate and very important. For instance when a fire happens in a hotel or motel not only is there damage to be assessed but now part or all of the business is halted. You simply cannot have guests staying in a damaged place so money is lost on the damage and also in the loss of business. It is advised that you have an experienced public adjuster assist you in this complex claim and paperwork process.


Business Interruption Claim information

Business Interruption insurance is crucial for every business. It helps you retain your profits and continuing expenses for a period of time following a loss.

Here are the Top 10 things you should know about business interruption insurance:

  1. Business interruption lossesare figured out in 2 ways. One is by net income or it can be done by gross income.
  2. The longer the business interruptionperiod is the easier it is to figure out the loss.
  3. Business Interruption valuesare generally higher than gross profit.
  4. Replacing business equipment is sometimes more cost efficient than trying to repair it.
  5. Business Interruption lossamounts can be impacted by payments for other claims.
  6. Your business does not necessarily have to be physically damaged for business interruption insuranceto apply. Many people do not realize this and this is a significant fact.
  7. When damage occurs your business may be eligible for the extra coverageit takes to begin operating again. The beginning operations can be very expensive and this can be taken into account.
  8. The waiting periodon your insurance policy is a factor. Make sure you look and know your waiting period and understand it.
  9. Business interruption valueand business interruption loss are not the same thing at all.
  • Business interruption coverageusually begins the day the damage occurred.

Southern California Motel Insurance Adjusters

There are many added concerns when water damage or fire damage occur in a hotel or motel. If guest’s personal belongings are ruined or damaged in a fire or water leak situation the business can be liable for all of these items. So there is the actual physical damage to the hotel or motel, business interruption and guest’s personal belongings. Guests can have expensive items with them and even irreplaceable things. This is going to take some serious negotiation to deal with the guest’s loss of belongings and make them happy and compensate them. This is not an easy task and there is a long list of documents that must be filled out and a lot of back and forth with each guest regarding their belongings. A public adjuster is versed in this paperwork and also dealing with the guests. A reputable public assessor company has been through the process again and again. Let a professional handle what would be tedious and time consuming for you. This is their area of expertise.

Fire or water damage can affect the electrical system and in a hotel this could be a huge problem. Then you have the added concern of mold when it comes to water damage or leaks. An experienced property damage adjuster will go deep into the walls and floors to check and assess all the possible damage and residual damageMold is a big concern in a hotel or motel because there are guests staying daily and nightly and mold can be a serious health hazard. The possible lawsuits and problems if mold were to occur in a hotel or motel could be a total disaster. A public adjuster will make sure this does not occur. Mold also looks revolting and destroys walls, floor and furniture. Mold is always a concern but I think you can see why in a hotel or motel this is even more of a concern. Mold is a top priority when a public adjuster goes into to assess the damage in a hotel or motel.


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