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Property Damage Claim Denied Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Property Damage Claim Denial Recourse

If you disagree with the amount that has been decided for your insurance claim loss, then an appraisal is the best option as an alternative to filing a lawsuit.

Ask yourself the questions below:

  • Do you disagree with your insurance company as to what needs to be “repaired” vs what needs to be “replaced”? In other words, do you believe your damage warrants full replacement but your insurance company just wants to repair?
  • Have you received a settlement offer on your property damage insurance claim that you think is underpaid?
  • Are you facing damages, but your insurance company does not agree?
  • Does it feel like your claim has “stalled out”?
  • Has your insurance claim been denied because your insurance company says your total damage is less than your deductible?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then a public insurance appraisal might be a good alternative to filing an actual lawsuit against your insurance agency. First, let’s learn what appraisal means. An appraisal is when the insured and the insurance company do not agree on the actual cash value (or the amount of loss), then, on the written request of either, each shall select a neutral party appraiser to review the claim value and policy coverage.

Once a request for an appraisal has been accepted, the appraisers select a competent and disinterested official. If the two appraisers cannot mutually agree on a said official, then they shall be chosen by a judge of a court of record in the state where the property covered is located. The appraisers appraise the loss, stating separately actual cash value and loss to each item. An itemized award in writing will determine the actual amount of cash value and loss.

Appraisal proceedings are informal unless both parties agree otherwise. This means that there are to be no depositions, interrogatories, requests for admission, formal civil discovery, no formal rules of evidence shall be applied and no court reporter.

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Why would you Hire a Public Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster helps create a simple environment regarding the hassle of working with the insurance company after a disaster. The public adjuster is an insurance claims specialist that will interpret your homeowner’s policy for you. Subsequently, they assess the damage and the price it will cost to repair. The public adjuster negotiates with the insurance companies so you don’t have to worry about it. Public adjusters are different from the adjusters hired by the insurance companies to assist with the claims because they work for the insurance company. If you are worried about the cost of hiring an outside public adjuster, then fear not. A public insurance adjuster is not paid up-front. The fee for a public adjuster’s services is generally 15-20% of the total you will receive from your insurance company. The job of any public insurance adjuster is to get you the maximum amount for your claim. Public adjusters, or public assessors, are licensed by the state so make sure that the one you select is legitimate and licensed. The percentage of their rate may vary from state to state so also make sure you are aware of what a public adjuster is allowed to charge for your a

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