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Insurance is always there to protect you. It protects the owner from the risk of an unpredictable, or unforeseen loss. The insurance company sells the insurance to the policyholder, or the owner in this case. The amount of money that is charged by the insurer for a certain amount of coverage on the property, or item, is called the “premium.” The premium may be higher, or lower, depending on what type of coverage you get on the property…or item, you are insuring.

People who own homes are required to always carry homeowner’s insurance. There are certain types of damages that are and are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. There are several broad areas that insurance companies may cover, depending on what it is. Homeowner’s insurance only cover the costs of the damages associated with water damage under certain circumstances. Malfunctioning appliances, such as a water heater or washing machine, can leak and cause water damage to your property’s floors or walls. This is something that would be covered under homeowner’s insurance. Sinks, toilets, showers, etc. can leak and also cause water damage that is covered by insurance. In winter frozen pipes that burst, causing water damage, are also covered. Damages caused by water leaking from your roof is also something that would be covered.

Four common areas covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy:

Protections from natural disasters:

The structure of your house – If your home is destroyed by a fire, hurricane, hail, or other natural disaster listed in your particular policy, then your insurance will cover the cost to repair or rebuild your home. It will not, however, cover the cost of damage due to a flood, earthquake or normal wear and tear. When you look at what type of coverage you want, it is important that you get a policy that will cover the cost to rebuild your entire home. Most policies will cover other structures detached from your home, as well. These are things like garages, sheds, etc. You can determine how much coverage you get with these structures by carefully going over your policy with your insurance provider.

Money back for your personal property

If any of your personal belongings inside your property are stolen or destroyed by fire, hurricane, or other insured natural disasters, then your insurance will provide coverage for these items. Most policies also cover belonging if they are taken outside the home, say on vacation or something, as well. Some companies have strict stipulations about this, so make sure to check with your agent before assuming you have coverage.

Liability protection:

Liability will cover you in the event that someone files a lawsuit against you if they are injured in your home or there was property damage as a result of your property. The liability pays for the cost of defending you in court and court awards, up to the limit of your policy.

Extra Living Expenses

This will cover the additional costs of living outside of your home, if you home becomes uninhabitable. It typically covers the cost of hotel bills, restaurant meals, etc. Coverage for living expenses varies from company to company, and some have limits. So be sure to check what your budget is if you find yourself in this situation.

Get a fair settlement for your home or business property damage.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate event where you will need insurance to cover damages, you can turn to Adjuster Pro, Inc. to help. We have licensed and bonded specialists who work for you, not your insurance company. We work hard to make sure you receive fair and equitable compensation for your damage for both residential and commercial properties.. Any damages that need attention always need to be reported to the insurance right away. Not only to expedite the process, but also to make sure they are covered before time expires. We work to negotiate the settlement between you and the insurance company so that you receive adequate compensation. At Adjuster Pro Inc., we have been able to assist our clients in obtaining over $30 million in settlements! Let us help you get the insurance settlement you deserve.

Transparent Pricing – Quick Turn Around Times – Over 40 Years of Five Star Reviews

Adjuster Pro, Inc., specialists are licensed and bonded. Their on-the-job experience enables them to have more expertise. You want to always search for a public adjuster firm that has many years’ experience, and adjusters that stay with the company for years with many successful claims. You can always ask for references, and it is helpful to ask for clients with a claim like yours. I would most always recommend to always ask for at least three clients’ numbers and ask them personally if they were satisfied with how the claim was handled, the amount they received and if it sufficiently covered the damage they incurred to their property. Another great question to ask is how long the process took from beginning to end and how knowledgeable they were concerning business interruption insurance. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable Los Angeles Claims Adjuster. Adjuster Pro, Inc. is here to be your advocate during this stressful time. It is always our top priority to work in a timely manner to get you a just settlement for your damages. Call us today, we look forward to helping you!

Adjuster Pro Inc. - Your Trusted & Experienced Los Angeles Public Insurance Adjuster

For over 40 years we have serviced all of Southern California as well as provided emergency out of state damage reports. We are located in Woodland Hills and we offer affordable damage claims adjustments for Los Angeles, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, and all of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Orange County. Please contact us today if you have experienced water damage, earthquake damage, fire damage, or any property damage.

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